How to, Travel Nursing 101

10 Questions you need to ask your recruiter.

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Did you see a pay package or a location that struck your fancy? Time to make a call to a prospective recruiter? Asking the following ten questions will help you narrow down your choices and find your dream nursing agency.

Financial Reimbursement Questions

Does your company reimburse for state licensure and maintaining certifications (ACLS, BLS,  PALS, ETC.)?

Will your company pay (upfront or reimburse) the costs of a license in a prospective state?

Does your company offer to pay upfront costs associated with rental leasing (i.e., security deposits, utility deposits, 1st months rent)? If so, over how many pay periods are the charges withdrawn from my weekly check?

What is the pay rate your company reimburses at for travel expenses?

Tuition reimbursement?

Will you reimburse for scrubs?


What company is providing health, dental, and vision coverage?

When am I covered? (Some companies it begins day 1, others can be the 1st of the upcoming month)

What is the weekly cost for coverage?

"Oh, I do have one last question..."

Ask what some of the benefits of working with Company A have in comparison to the others. (Company discounts, referral bonuses, resign bonuses?)


By asking these weighty questions, you’ll be more equipt to decide which company to join for your next assignment. Happy Travels!

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